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Geneva is the southern-most town in Adams County, Indiana. This mostly rural area is located approximately 45 minutes south of Fort Wayne, and two hours northeast of Indianapolis.

Once a booming oil town in the 1800's, a fire decimated the area. This resulted in the banning of wood buildings and mandanting brick, stone, or iron, giving the town its historical downtown district that is so well known today. This downtown distric was placed on the National List of Historic Places in 2002.

Though a small town, Geneva offers various ammenities and attractions, many of which are shown on our website.

Whatever the reason for visiting Geneva, please enjoy your stay.

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Senior Luncheon

First United Methodist Church - Fellowship Hall

Online Registration, information and maps for the ride can be found at  Online cost for the ride is $30.  

Sprinkling Credit will no longer be a given starting this year, with the passage of Ordinance 2019-1.  Section 52.06 addresses this.   Customers must contacts the Town and requests sprinkling credit prior to the use of water for sprinkling p...

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Grass Clippings and Loose Dogs

(5/20/2019) DOGS There have been many complaints about loose dogs around town.  If you are a dog owners, it is your responsabilty to keep your dogs on a leash.    GRASS CLIPPINGS Please refrain from blowing your grass clipping into the street.  ...

Park Board

(4/11/2019) The Town of Geneva is looking for Volunteers for the Park Board, call Town Hall at 260-368-7251 or email for more details.

Heavy Trash Dumpster

(4/10/2019) The Heavy Trash Dumpster will be available Monday, April 15, it will be located behind the Town Maintenance Building, behind Geneva Manufacturing.  Weekday hours are Monday - Friday 8AM to 3PM.  Saturday's for 2019 are May 4 - June 1 - Oct. 5. Sat...